Welcome to SocialYaYa

Hello, I’m Sarah Smith a freelance social media manager and real-life social butterfly, who loves nothing more than using my skills to help businesses become more successful.

I’ve spent my career working in some of the UK’s top 100 companies, where my roles as an executive assistant and top PA developed to encompass social media in the early days when it was all new and no one really knew what they were doing!

Over the years, I’ve built my knowledge from the ground up, and I love keeping on top of the trends and the latest buzz in the world of digital marketing.

Two years ago, I left corporate life to provide social media and email support for my partner’s company. It went so well that I decided to set up SocialYaYa to share my skills far and wide with people like you, who need help and support with their social media to build a more successful business.

I know what you’re thinking…

Why YaYa? Back when I was a little girl, growing up in Gloucestershire, I had trouble saying Sarah – it invariably came out as yaya. The nickname stuck – in fact, my dad still uses it!

I recently discovered that yaya is also a Brazilian nickname for miss or missy, while in Greece it’s a pet name for grandmother. As a woman well used to juggling all aspects of my work and family life, I love it – and I hope you do, too!

Find out more about my approach or drop me an email to share your social media challenges with me.