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INSTAGRAMFlash, bang, wallop what a picture! The original photo sharing app that popularised selfies and filters, Instagram (owned by Facebook) is a huge community of sharers and explorers looking for the next thing to snap. With the release of Instagram Stories, the platform rivals Snapchat for youth appeal, too. Did You Know... Facebook bought Instagram Read More


LinkedInYour Virtual CV LinkedIn is the oldest social network, and for businesses its the top dog! Recently it has positioned itself as more of a media and news hub than just a social network, and it currently has 106 million monthly active users around the world.If youre looking to enhance your business brand, and your Read More


See it, save it, pin it! Used more like a visual search engine than a social network, Pinterest is perfect for anyone wanting to showcase their products, or looking for visual inspiration. There are 100,000,000 active monthly users and while a Tweet or Facebook post might only stay visible for a few minutes in your Read More


TwitterTweet tweet Done well, Twitter is a quick and easy way to reach huge audiences around the world. There are 319 million active monthly users a massive 82% of which use Twitter on their smartphones and tablets. How I Can Help Your Social I will learn about you, your business and how you see your Read More


FACEBOOKFacebook, The nation's favourite Many of us have a soft spot for Facebook, as the original social media channel, and it remains the worlds largest social network. Facebook attracts users of all ages, tastes and demographics from around the world. Chances are your mum AND your kids use it your customers almost certainly do and Read More

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Online reputation management and advertising campaings in social media

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