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LinkedIn is the oldest social network, and for businesses its the top dog! Recently it has positioned itself as more of a media and news hub than just a social network, and it currently has 106 million monthly active users around the world.If youre looking to enhance your business brand, and your credibility and expertise in your field of business, LinkedIn is the platform for you!

Did You Know That...

Microsoft recently bought LinkedIn for an eye-watering $26.2 billion. That’s around $60 per user!

Powerful Benefits For Your Business

Powerful Community

LinkedIn has nearly 500 million members, and two new users join every second.

Lead Generator

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

Online CV

A hardworking profile works as an online CV, enabling you to grow your network and enhance your reputation.

Create Awareness

Setting up a company profile page can be a great way of expanding your online presence and helping to grow your business.

My Work Process

Understanding Your Business & Researching Competitors

Discuss Content & Ideas

Launch of Organic and/or Paid Advertising Campaign

Monthly Reporting

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