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Done well, Twitter is a quick and easy way to reach huge audiences around the world. There are 319 million active monthly users a massive 82% of which use Twitter on their smartphones and tablets.

How I Can Help Your Social

  • I will learn about you, your business and how you see your social media helping you. Do you want to track everything and know ROI for each platform or are you approaching this more as a brand simply wanting a presence on social media.
  • Discuss content options and ideas.
  • Begin to create unique content and share relevant third party content, usng 80/20 rule.
  • Paid advertising.
  • Monthly reporting.

Did you know....

Every 60 seconds 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded!

You Should Be Using Twitter Because...

Twitter is not just a great tool for raising awareness of your business its an effective way to build brand loyalty.
Its useful for short, informative updates, sharing interesting links, chatting to your audience, creating polls, keeping on top of customer service, and even live streaming!
Twitter is an effective way of using your posts to drive traffic to your website, and converting prospects to paying customers.
With 13 million UK Twitter accounts, its a great way of connecting and engaging with your customers and keeping a close eye on the competition!

My Work Process

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